What is the difference between pet insurance and a pet wellness plan?

Wellness plans and pet insurance are two different options to help make healthcare for your pet more affordable. There are distinct benefits to both of these options, but it's crucial to understand how they differ. Here, our Austell vets explain more about wellness plans versus pet insurance.

Protecting your pet's future

Wellness plans and pet insurance policies both offer benefits, but they are very different. It’s important to understand for which services your pet is and isn't covered regardless of whether you opt for a wellness plan or pet insurance. By understanding these options, you won't be surprised with out-of-pocket costs when you visit your vet or need to plan the payment for your pet's veterinary care. 

What is a wellness plan?

Wellness plans make it easier for you to cover the cost of routine veterinary care and, unlike pet insurance, you only pay for the treatments and services you use throughout the year.

Wellness plans allow you to adopt a more proactive approach to veterinary care by paying a small monthly amount rather than a lump sum each visit. These plans help your vet spot early signs of any conditions or diseases your pet may have before they become more serious, and more expensive to treat.

What does a wellness plan cover?

Generally, wellness plans cover routine vet care, which includes wellness exams, parasite preventives, annual blood testing and vaccines. It's easier to improve and maintain the standard of your pet’s overall health during their lifetime because these plans spread out the cost of routine vet care.

What is pet insurance?

If your pet ever requires emergency veterinary care, pet insurance helps you to take care of the cost of treatment.

Emergency treatment for your pet or treating an illness like cancer or diabetes in your pet can become very expensive. With pet insurance, you have financial help to pay the bills for any conditions and accidents that are covered by your pet insurance policy.

What does pet insurance cover?

Pet insurance policies differ, but they generally cover treatment for illnesses or emergency treatments required after accidents. Some policies may also include prescription medications and the treatment of hereditary and congenital conditions as well as orthopedic conditions.

How do I choose which option to buy?

Making sure you know exactly how wellness plans and pet insurance can benefit you and your pet can help you decide which is right for you. Some pet owners choose either a wellness plan or pet insurance. Other pet owners subscribe to both to ensure their pet has complete coverage. 

If you aren't sure which coverage is right for you, ask your vet. They can help you decide based on your pet's particular needs and concerns.

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